Little Fatra Little Fatra Little Fatra
Ob dlTal Ob dlObrzi D (Ob dl)

Valley Ob dl

Mountain glacial valley between Pec pod Snkou and foothills of mountain Snka. It is cramped by irok ridge and Studnin mountain. Three glacial moraine was conserved there. The river pa run through the valley. Rare high-mountain plants growth in several parts of valley. In the past the ore was mined there, but the mining finished in the beginning of 20th century. Many recreation objests are situate in the Ob dl. Many slopes of the valley are typical avalanchelike and several very destructive avalanches slumped there in the past.

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Sight from Ob dl to Studnin mountain
Winter sight
Ob dl from mountain Snka

  Accommodation Pec pod Snkou
2 km
  Accommodation Luiny
4 km
  Accommodation Velk pa
4 km